“Unfortunately there are only 4 songs on the self-titled album, but they definitely work as a booster for a hopefully soon coming album.

There are my beloved tempo changes, the vocals vary beautifully, so that I am already extremely positive about the album […]

I personally really like the stone the band plays here, so I would like to give 9 out of 10 points.”


“[…] The song ‘Here In The Dead Spot’ immediately proliferates with power and melancholy […]

“The melancholy of PEARL JAM captures ‘Wanderlust’ quite well. Nevertheless, HERE IN THE DEAD SPOT can be attested that they never sound like a copy of any legend of those years. […]”


“[…] Especially formative is […] the singer’s voice – a vocal organ. Through this singing you forget to concentrate on the song for a while.

HERE IN THE DEAD SPOT manages to keep the listener on his toes for almost the whole 18 minutes.


“[…] great mixture of Indie and Grunge, which reminds me of Nirvana or Pearl Jam […]

well played, soulfully sung and musically varied. In my opinion, a grandiose voice completes these songs very skillfully.”



here in the Dead Spot

… a new noise in the delta
…three fellows, melting grunge and indie rock

…turn of your cellphone and enjoy the ride

Here in the Dead Spot describes the state of absolute focus on the here and now, free of any distraction.

Marco, Lutz and Armin – together they form the essence of Here in the Dead Spot.
Founded in 2019 in the Rhine-Neckar delta, they fuse elements of 90s grunge, indie rock and lyricism into a musical tightrope walk between impetuous vehemence and poetry.

Here in the Dead Spot released their first EP on 25 february 2020, which is available on all major streaming platforms like Spotify.

Here in the Dead Spot beschreibt den Zustand des absoluten Fokus auf das Hier und Jetzt, bar jeder Ablenkung.

Marco, Lutz und Armin – zusammen bilden Sie die Essenz von Here in the Dead Spot.
Gegründet 2019 im Rhein-Neckar-Delta verschmelzen Sie Elemente des 90er Grunge, Indie Rock und der Lyrik zu einer musikalischen Gratwanderung zwischen ungestümer Vehemenz und Poesie.

Here in the Dead Spot veröffentlichten Ihre erste EP am 25 Februar 2020, welche auf allen gängigen Streaming Plattformen wie Spotify vertreten ist.


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